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Dragon's Breath
Not always pleasant, but who's gonna tell him. . .

OK, you have your own opinions about Lone Wolf and rules associated to things. . . who cares?!! This is my column and I get to tell you what I think. If you have any issues or feedback about my views, don't tell me: post it to Kai-wisdom and I'll read it. If you are lucky, I might even disagree with you in my next column! Anyway here goes Issue 1, it's a little tame by my standards, but hopefully it'll get you thinking.

How to write a Lone Wolf title. . .

It seems to me that Joe decided that a particular style of title was successful and used this method extensively. What was this style? Pick a particular object, surrounding, person. Let's call this the "object." Next, where is this object? Or what is a good word to describe this object? Pick a good emotive one like Blood or Doom.

Joe used this method of titling for Book 3: The Caverns of Kalte, Book 4: The Chasm of Doom, Book 6: The Kingdoms of Terror, Book 8: The Jungle of Horrors, Book 9: The Cauldron of Fear, Book 10: The Dungeons of Torgar, Book 11: The Prisoners of Time, Book 12: The Masters of Darkness, Book13: The Plague Lords of Ruel, Book 14: The Captives of Kaag, Book15: The Legacy of Vashna, Book 17: The Deathlord of Ixia and Book 20: The Curse of Naar. Although by the New Order series he used this method less, we still see examples of this--Book 22: The Buccaneers of Shadaki, Book 26: The Fall of Blood Mountain and Book 28: The Hunger of Sejanoz.

It is interesting to note that there is a slightly different twist in some of these titles, as in books 20 and 28. The use of a person's name as the second word. The first then becomes something about that person.

There are other books in the series that fit this naming convention, albeit slightly different through the use of two words in the middle, such as "on the", "from the", "of the", "to the", "with the", etc. Basically it's the same method. Book 1: Flight from the Dark, Book 2: Fire on the Water, Book 25: Trail of the Wolf, Book 19: Dawn of the Dragons, Book 5: Shadow on the Sand and Book 21: Voyage of the Moonstone.

23 out of 28 of the Lone Wolf series has been named in this fashion. That's 82%. Hmm, I wonder: just coincidence that this style makes for a good sounding name, or does Joe actually realize that he is naming his books in this fashion and he does it on purpose?

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