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Magnamund Crossword Puzzle
by Andrew G. Black

Can you answer all the hints to complete this crossword? Most entries were taken from Eclipse of the Kai, the Gamebooks, and the Magnamund Companion, but the existing websites also have the answers! This crossword should be easy to most fans, but a few clues will certainly be challenging. Next time will be more difficult! (answers provided in the next issue) 

Down Across
1. Continental Divide 3. Former ruler of Kalte
2. Founder of the Kai 6. Jedi use the Force, Kai use ___
3. Symbiotic Agarashi colony 7. First LW website
4. Silent order wearing wooden fish amulets 9. Fliers of the Holmgard Roofways
5. The "game of games" 11. Capital of Durenor
8. Barraka's alias 12. Time’s measure
10. Small, jelly-like creature w/ wide smile 18. Capitol city of desert empire
13. Legends #1 girl Banedon abandoned 19. Durenor: site of MS5050 massacre
14. Seven Magnakai Disciplines 20. LW’s birth name
15. Captain of the Lakuri pirates 21. Silent Wolf’s mentor
16. Continent and world of ______ 23. Owner of the unsolvable gamebook riddle
17. Original name for 16 Down 24. Suukon, Majhan, Ancients, ____
22. Giak word for "Stonehearts" 28. Ruined city fifty miles south of Ruanon
25. LW #2 Merchant who rode w/ Lone Wolf 30. Ship given to Banedon from Elder Magi
26. Original number of Darklords 31. What captured Tanith in GS #1
27. Darklord servants formed around a gem 33. Vassagonian word for "cesspit"
29. Obscure forest in S. Magnamund 34. Slumlord ruler of the Wildlands
32. Pelathar's steed 35. Realm created by Nyxator

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