[Flag] Issue 1: May 1999
Rising Sun
"For the next Age of Magnamund..."

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by Gavin Gallot

How much of your life have you invested in Joe Dever's creations? Try to answer the following questions to find out how much you really know.

  1. Who was the name of the horse Banedon rode to warn the Kai?
    1. Tina
    2. Jess
    3. Silver
    4. Nina
  2. Where is the Hunted Lord Tavern?
    1. Barrel bridge
    2. Holmgard
    3. Varetta
    4. Barrakeesh
  3. Who was the leader of the Tarnalin Thundercats?
    1. Futtock the Short
    2. Thog the Mighty
    3. Gashgiss the Small
    4. Fennick the Strong
  4. A vicious bread of reptile like creatures that lives in the Hellswamp:
    1. Ciquali
    2. Szall
    3. Noodnic
    4. Aquilla
  5. What is the Giak word Ziran mean?
    1. Sword
    2. Toran
    3. Wizard
    4. Soldier
  6. What are the two lakes on the Lyris side of Maakengorge?
    1. Maakenmire and Vorndarol
    2. Vorndarol and Kazonara
    3. Kazonara and Maakenmire
    4. Maakenmire and Quarl
  7. A Shadikine instrument of law more concerned with punishment than correction in Suhn:
    1. the Hall of Correction
    2. the Temple of Shasarak
    3. the Pit of Torture
    4. the Kazim stone
  8. Where would you find Dr. Drool?
    1. Holmgard
    2. Kaag
    3. San Angelo
    4. Mineral Wells
  9. On the 2nd of January HAVOC detonated the first warhead. Blast and radioactive fallout claim millions of lives. Where was it?
    1. Washington
    2. London
    3. Paris
    4. San Francisco

Answers will be provided in the next issue. 

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