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Dragon's Breath (cont')

Let's take a look at the other titles and see if we can come up with names for the ones that don't use this style.

How about Book 7: Castle Death. This title comes from what is described as the translation for the name of the Castle. Kazan-Oud is Dessian for the Sommlending words "Castle Death." OK, but why didn't he call it "The Castle of Death," sticking with the old style. Other names that I think would suit are "The Lorestone of Herdos" and the "The Tomb of the Lake."

Book 16 is titled The Darke Crusade. Obviously this refers to the ongoing battle for the town of Darke. I think the title suits, and is one of Joe's better ones. The double meaning in it is very good. Referring to the dark mission of the Drakkarim to capture all of Lencia. Could we get the same effect using the naming scheme above? How about "The Crusade of Darke?" Not as good, I agree. Other titles could be: "The Stone of Darke," "The Jewel of Darke" or "The Warlord of Darke."

Book 19 is named the same as the evil impostor, Wolf's Bane. I don't like this title. It's not as emotive as others in the series. Can we improve it? The "Imposter of the Kai," "The Kai Lord of Evil," "The Bane of the Wolf," "The Chase of Evil." You think of a few.

Mydnight's Hero could easily be converted to this style and still retain the double meaning. "The Hero of Mydnight" to me is an even better title than the current one.

Rune War becomes "The War of the Runes." What do you think? Others could be "The Runes of the Demon," "The Kingdoms of War" (to much like the last one in the Stornlands) or "The Lord of the Runes."

That leaves one to look at Vampirium. This is the first and only single word title in the series. It has been greatly debated amongst fans for its meaning and quality. Personally, I like it. Can you think of a better one? How about "The Claw of Naar," "The Vampire of Bhanar" or "The Claw of Doom."

Have a think about your favorite book in the series. Can you think of a better title? It's fun trying. 

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