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Rising Sun
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The Bargain (cont')

The Darklord evaluated the Cener Druid's party. Apart from High Priest Kadrian, there were fourteen elder Cener druids and five other creatures. He recognized them as a Ruel Giganite, two Pechdrazil and two Degradon.

"I trust your journey was a safe one," started the Darklord.

"Why, of course," answered Kadrian's sonorous voice.

"Are you ready?" continued Khatellu.

High Priest Kadrian unveiled an amber coffin. It was a splendid coffin, and it radiated pure evil in the form of a pink, fluorescent light. "This is the magic coffin created by our first leader, Arch Druid Mordak, as requested," Kadrian spoke. "How about the Sphere of Decay?"

The Darklord produced the Sphere of Decay from his backpack. There was consternation in the room as they noted that the Darklord held the Sphere of Decay in his bare paws. However, High Priest Kadrian pretended not to notice.

"Where are the rest of the items you wanted to trade?" spoke Wayl with a voice that sounded as if came from the other side of the grave.

"Surely, the Coffin is a fair trade for the Sphere. You're dreaming if you want us to hand over the two Doomstones as well," Kadrian said.

"We can trade the Coffin for the Sphere," Wayl said.

There was no motion for a while. Then two of the Xagash went over to the coffin and carried it out from the chapel. Khatellu dropped the Sphere of Decay on the floor inviting the Cener Druids to take it with them. They hesitated.

"What's the matter with you cretins? The Sphere is yours. Take it!" Khatellu taunted the Cener Druids.

The Cener Druids pooled their power into a protective spell around one of their number, and then the elder approached the Sphere of Decay and touched it.

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