[Flag] Issue 1: May 1999
The Rising Sun
For the Future of Magnamund

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Paul Barnett Interview
The title says it all! Rising Sun and Gavin Gallot keep you up to date with the author of the Legends series.
The Art of Daniel Horne
You might not know his name but Daniel R. Horne is the artist that created the great cover art for the US editions of the Legends series. Learn about Daniel Horne and see his other work.
Collecting on a Shoestring
Andrew G. Black shares his well-experienced insights about finding books by Joe Dever.
Internet Resources
Gavin Gallot discusses some Lone Wolf web sites and some resources that will come in handy for the online book trader.


Note: The stories presented in the e-Zine are not intended to be official storylines. Each author is free to create his or her own vision of Magnamund's future/past; so don't be upset if their stories conflict with each other or with your personal ideas about Magnamund. Of course, if the stories conflict with the facts from the works of Joe Dever, feel free to contact us and allow the author a chance to correct his or her mistake.
Naaros Rising
Ian Johnson weaves a new tale of Naar's ceasless attempts to claim Magnamund for himself.
The Bargain
Robert Ekblad contributes a story built around the characters from the Electronic Role Playing Game (ERPG).


Magnamund Crossword
Mini Word Find


Letters to the Editor
Dragon's Breath
Sometimes Dragon's Claw's opinions aren't too pleasant but that's why we keep him around.

Fan File

Interview of Julian Egelstaff
Interview of Jonathan Blake

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