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The Ultimate Lone Wolf Replay System (Synopsis)
By Mike Feldman (Miiiiiike@aol.com)

[Full-length Version]

Want to test the new system right away, without all those cumbersome rules? Okay, here's what you need to do:

  1. Get out a copy of Flight From the Dark or look for it online at Project Aon. Don't worry about the other books for now. This will be a stand-alone adventure.
  2. Rather than use Random Numbers to determine your Combat Skill (CS) and Endurance points (EP), do the following:
    1. Start with a base 10 CS and 20 EP
    2. Get 30 "Luck points"'
    3. For every 2 Luck points you spend, you get 1 additional CS
    4. For every 1 Luck point you spend, you get 1 additional EP
    5. Your CS and EP are still limited to 19 and 29 at max (which means you can only spend 27 out of your 30 points at most)
    6. Record the remainder of your Luck points as your current "Adventure" score (the less you spend on CS and EP, the higher this will be).
  3. Proceed through the rest of the book normally, but look especially for opportunities to have Lone Wolf learn as much as possible and be valiant, rather than just surviving.
  4. During or after your adventure (preferably after), refer to the list below to score or lose points for passing through certain sections, taking or keeping certain Items, or having the right Discipline at the right time:
  5. Double all of the points you earn in this way and add it to your Adventure score. This is your final score for this adventure.
  6. Repeat the whole process, and aim for a better score!

Note: This is only an abridged version of the Standard point system for a Book 1 Stand-alone adventure. The complete system, found in this issue of Rising Sun, also has the following:

  • Different point systems that favor Valor (acting as a dashing hero) or Discovery (finding important items or information)
  • Ways of using your Luck points to affect chancy Random Number picks
  • A guide to using different books or sets of books within the Lone Wolf series
  • Tips for maximizing your score
  • Full point lists for books 1-3 (more on the way, if this system gets a decent response)
  • A bizarre twist that lets you score points for playing an evil or foolish Lone Wolf!

The point list for Book 1:

Section 8: +1 Discovery (D) for figuring out the location of the battle.
25: +1 Valor (V) for conquering the "roofways."
31: (If you have Healing) -2 V for not using your skill on the poor man.
39: +3 D for learning much of the forest and the Kakarmi language.
45: +1 D for deducing the identities of these thugs.
66: +2 D for meeting and telling your story to the Captain of the Guard (who gets named in the next book...)
82: +4 D for hearing Prince Pelathar's last request.
88: (If you take the Spear) -3 V for disarming an injured man.
93: +2 V for surviving an encounter with the secret Druid sect (they also get a name later).
101: -1 V for deserting Banedon, though you can rationalize it...
109: -1 D for a pointless action (and section...)
117: (If you have Healing) +1 V for providing extra care to the ranger.
134: +1 D for knowing the proximity of the Giaks.
137: + 2 D for understanding a bit about the connection between the light source and the life source of the Crypt Spawn.
150: -2 D for wasting more precious time.
155: +4 D for hearing exactly what has happened to Toran.
158: +2 V for surviving an encounter with the secret Druid sect (they also get a name later).
161: -2 D for a ridiculously lucky guess (who would sit there if the text didn't specifically give the option?).
193: (If you keep the Scroll) +2 D for what could be inside enemy information.
208: +3 V for defending the children while outnumbered.
214: -1 D for wasting time on this path.
216: +3 D for learning about Trimis and Alema bridge.
220: -3 V for needlessly attacking a man. Note that this penalty does not apply to section 191, which is where you turn if you have no other option but to jump off the caravan.
233: -2 D for the time spent catching up with the horse.
236: +4 V for banishing the Ancient (to where, only Joe Dever could say...)
255: +5 V for defending the Prince and battling the enemy leader.
260: +3 V for defending the dead ranger (hey, you meant well...).
261: -3 V for abandoning the children.
266: +1 V for destroying the Stone Serpent.
267: (If you keep the Message) +3 D for some vital enemy information.
280: -1 D for a wasteful and dangerous climb.
283: (If you do not have Animal Kinship) -4 V for launching a suprise attack on what you would think is an innocent man (you only know it's a Darklord agent if you have Animal Kinship).
297: +2 V for your cunning rescue of the ranger.
305: +2 D for finding out what happened to Fogwood.
308: +2 D for meeting the hermit and hearing his assessment of the amount of Kraan ready to attack.
310: +1 D for locating the Royal Court.
315: (If you take any of the Crowns or the Soap) -2 V for stealing (perhaps accidently) from a bathing woman.
322: +2 D for seeing Toran ablaze.
323: +3 D for seeing Toran ablaze and locating the forest battle.
325: +2 V for rescuing Banedon.
336: +3 V for your daring rescue of the ranger.
348: -5 D for a very poor choice of routes and increadible luck in surviving the dangers of the swamp.
349: +5 D for learning of Banedon's ill-fated mission and Vonotar's treachery. 

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