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Birth of the Dark One
by Sean Robert Shaw

The Story So Far

Centuries of peace have passed on Magnamund--centuries of peace watched and warded carefully by the ever vigilant Kai Lords of Sommerlund--centuries of their dominance over the continent since the Darklords were destroyed--centuries in which the Dark God Naar could reflect on the defeat and destruction of almost all his servants--centuries in which he brooded on a way to strike back--centuries spent in contemplation of a new evil, a more massive evil, a more powerful evil than anything he has yet conceived--a new weapon to bring the final downfall of the forces of Good. You are that weapon.

Gradually over the years the Darklands, ancient home of the Darklords, have slowly been restored from dead wasteland to vibrant life. All the ancient strongholds of the Darklords have been overgrown except for one: Helgedad. Here, despite the best efforts of the herbwardens to heal the land, the barren wastes have stayed the same.

Helgedad--the heart of evil--in this city the Nadziranim and Lesser Darklords grouped together as an alliance of power and avoided the infighting and power struggles found elsewhere in the Darklands. Using their combined powers they have been able to retain their hold on this great city and the surrounding lands ever since the fall of the Darklords.

Using this council of Nadziranim, Naar has fashioned a way to resurrect the glory of the Darklords. Using many forced Drakkarim volunteers the Nadziranim slowly changed the way their bodies worked, their minds thought, and how their souls reacted. They made improvements making the Drakkar race faster, stronger, smarter, and more evil. Thus were born the skills of the Drakkar. Still, even with all these improvements, they still had failed to achieve their ultimate goal. Then they made you.

As all the NeoDrakkarim are, you were improved by the Nadziranim as a babe. Unlike the rest, the Nadziranim succeeded. Inside your soul a streak of pure darkness resides. A part of the soul of Naar makes up your creation. You are directly connected to the mind of Naar, and by this are able to achieve things no man or being has been able to accomplish before. Now, for the first time, a man is able to become immortal. Through your discoveries you will blaze the path for other Drakkarim to follow, enabling the goal of Naar of not just one, not just twenty, but an army of Darklords readied and prepared to conquer the whole of Magnamund.

Even more sinister was the fact that these new Darklords would have most of the strengths and none of the weaknesses of the old Darklords. There would be no vying for power, but total and complete order based on rank. They could easily exist outside the Darklands, coming from a race that could breathe both the atmosphere of the Darklands and that of the rest of Magnamund. Indeed, if Naar's plan was brought to fruition, it was doubtful that even the Kai could stop him.

It is little surprise that the Kai uncovered this plot. Aware of the grave danger, they have launched a crusade with one objective: to destroy you. Swiftly they came, led by their leader the Supreme Kai Master, Rune Fire, and surrounded the fell city of Helgedad. Rune Fire, wielding the great weapon, the Sommerswerd, presses hard on the defenses of the city.

After waking one night as the guards barely defeat a Kai assassin right outside the doors of your chambers, you realize your danger as do your Nadziranim mentors. They realize they must get you out of the city and also must find some way to break the siege. After hours of deliberation they arrive at their answer.

In all of Magnamund there is only one weapon with enough power to break the siege and turn back the Kai. It lies in the heartland of the Kai, near their very monastery fortress. Kept in a heavily guarded armoury, an evil weapon is kept from polluting their holy abode. It is Helshezag, sword of Darklord Kraagenskull. Discovered by the Kai two centuries ago on an expedition to the plane of Darkness, they brought it back for study, and to prevent evil from utilizing such a diabolical weapon. In it are great powers which only you, with your connection with Naar, are able to unleash.

But for one as inexperienced as you to be able to enter into the heartland of the Kai, you will need a power to protect you. This can be found in a Doomstone. Unlike most mortal men who would succumb to such an evil artefact, your link with Naar makes you immune. This stone was lost years ago in a great battle between Darklord Haakon and the Founder of the New Order of Kai, Lone Wolf. Located deep in the tombs of the Majhan, it has awaited centuries for you to retrieve it. First, before these quests may even take place you must find a way to escape the city. To accomplish this you are given an elite guard of Drakkarim Shock Troopers and a complex route upon which you will depart at dawn tomorrow.

The Rules

The basic rules are the same as found in Lone Wolf.

Combat skill is 10 added to any number from a random number table.

Endurance is 20 added to any number from a random number table.

Combat follows as in the books.

You also start of with a five of the Drakkar Disciplines. There are Disciplines beyond these, but these are yet to be discovered by your consciousness. The Superior Disciplines will be shown to you once you have mastered those presented below. For each adventure that you successfully complete, you will be able to choose yet another discipline.

A Drakkar does not have to eat when told to unless in areas of Wasteland and Desert. It also gives improved Speed and Dexterity.
A Drakkar gains a +2 to their CS when wielding a weapon they have skill in. You may choose which weapon this may be from the following.
  • Dagger
  • Spear
  • Mace
  • Warhammer
  • Shortsword
  • Sword
  • Axe
  • Staff
  • Broadsword
Basic Instinct
Every animal is born with the instinct of warning. This is a skill most men have lost over time. In a Drakkar this instinct is restored and heightened to a greater level to where at times, not only do they know of danger, but they know what, where, and why it is.
Allows a Drakkar to determine the best path as well as able to read prints and signs in the wild.
Developed long ago when the Drakkarim first appeared on Magnamund, it originally was used by Drakkar to make them appear more like other races on spying missions for the Darklords. Now, Drakkar use it once again on forays outside of Helgedad to mimic the voice patterns, the appearance and mannerisms of other countries. They also are trained in hiding and stealth from enemies hunting them down, or those seeking to thwart Helgedad interests.
Many creatures use their mind to launch mental assaults, this skill protects your mind from such attacks.
This gives you the power to attack enemies using the Force of your mind. When you use this skill in combat you may add 2 to your Combat Skill. Some creatures are immune to this power.
Another Skill passed down from the Drakkarim of old. Drakkar Cavalry is some of the finest in the world, only surpassed by the Kai. Tricks, maneuvers, and a communication with their mounts aid the Drakkarim in an almost unbelievable riding ability. This is not limited to merely horses, but any type of mount, including the dreaded Kraan and Zlanbeast cavalries of Helgedad.
This skill takes effect directly after a combat is finished. After a fight is over the NeoDrakkar's body starts to heal the wounds attained in that combat only. Between 1 and 10 Endurance points are regained (choose a number from the Random Number Table to decide this, in this case, 0=10). This is a predecessor to the immortality hinted at in the Darkness of Naar.
This skill awakens the latent Immunities within a NeoDrakkar's body making the Drakkar immune to any form of poison or disease.

Choose your five skills carefully, for only a correct choice of skills will enable you to accomplish your mission and fulfill your destiny in the skein of Naar.


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