[Flag] Issue 4: May 2000
Rising Sun
"For the next Age of Magnamund..."

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Lone Wolf Crossword
by Lawrence Ritchie (unforgettably@unforgettable.com)


1. A common currency of the Drakkarim/Agarashi Nations
3. If you are scratched by its thorns, you'll become drowsy
8. The dustworm that became Zagarna
9. A humanoid race on the Darklords' side
11. The holy day on the first of spring
12. A magical gem created by the Shianti that upset the 'Great Balance'
13. The Darklord that looks like a giant fly
1. The icy wasteland where the Ice Barbarians live
2. The evil wizards who serve the Darklords with right-handed magic
4. "Black City" in Giak
5. The Giak that befriended Lone Wolf and turned against Vonotar
6. Large flying spawn used to transport the Giaks
7. A large intelligent dog-like creature that lives in the "Everness"
10. Anthony Whistler's friend drew a pic of this beast that killed Lone Wolf's brother

Answers to the Crossword

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