[Flag] Issue 4: May 2000
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I don't know about you but I've often found myself drawing up an Action Chart by hand, simply because a photocopier is never handy when I feel like playing a game book. So as a service to myself and the rest of you who own a printer, I've scanned the four pages that make up the Action Chart in The Jungle of Horrors, and pasted them together into a single image. That means all you have to do now is load the file with your favourite image viewer and print it out, all on a single sheet!

I managed to reduce the image down to a 2 colour GIF. So you can download it quicky, load it with almost any image viewer, and print it in black and white.

I recommend printing it on at least an A4, and remember to 'stretch image to fit page size' before printing!

NOTE: You may download the file, ACTCHART.GIF(89K), if you intend to use it only as an Action Chart for a Lone Wolf game book.

Lawrence Ritcie

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