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Giak TrueTypeTM Font

OK all you closet Giakophiles, now's your chance to send an inter-office memo in your most favorite of languages: Giak! An Italian fan, Francesco Pregliasco <seoman@fileita.it>, has created this TrueTypeTM font based on an image created by Dennis Stoye. If your computer system supports TrueTypeTM fonts, (this includes Windows and MacOS machines) all you need do is download the file, unzip it and put it with all of your other fonts. On a Win9x and WinNT machine, that's usually in the C:\WINDOWS\FONTS where "WINDOWS" is your system directory which might be called "WINNT" or practically anything else. If I remember correctly, in MacOS it is in the Fonts folder inside of the System Folder (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Here's a table that illustrates the possible characters and what keystrokes to use to get them:

[Giak Table]

Warning: Shameless self-promotion ahead.

To learn more about the Giak language, you can stop by the Giak Tutorial

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