[Flag] Issue 3: February 2000
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Lone Wolf Bookkeeper

This Windows program speaks for itself. Lone Wolf Bookkeeper v1.2 by Tristan Smith keeps track of your Lone Wolf character electronically. It includes automated combats, the ability to save and restore multiple games, special character sheets for each series, safekeeping items at the monastery and more. Its simplicity is its greatest strength as it doesn't get in the way of your enjoyment of the Lone Wolf books. Download a copy and try it for yourself.

Just unzip the program into any directory you like (preferably one all to itself) and then run the program. If you get an error message about "VBRUN100.DLL" you'll need the following zip file:

Unzip this file into your windows directory (typically C:\WINDOWS but it might vary from system to system).

Note: since this program is being distributed for free, neither the programmer nor the staff of Rising Sun can be held responsible for any damage done to your computer by using the program. Proceed at your own risk and expense.

Having said that, Enjoy! 

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