[Flag] Issue 2: August 1999
Rising Sun
"For the next Age of Magnamund..."

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Collecting on a Shoestring II
Andrew G. Black continues his series about how to efficiently get Joe Dever's books. He discusses how to maximize your results given your time and resources.
GURPS Lone Wolf Notes
Patrick O'Shea shows us how he creates Kai Lord and Vakeros characters using GURPS.
Magnamund Flags Screen Saver
How long have you been waiting for a Magnamund based screen saver? Your wait is now over.


The Grimoire
The pale light from the waning moon cast itself about me as a cloak. Yet still I dared not cease running, ever running from what was behind....
Naaros Rising
...The anchor has been uncovered, but not uprooted, and the beacon flares once more. What was cast out shall return; Him whose name we revere comes again. Yet that all might thus be accomplished, the Dwimowblaed must be found and Mordís Wyrd unbound....
Tijil's Fang
Darklord Khatellu was consumed with working with Mordak's Coffin and the Tome that had accompanied it. Day after day he would spend at the Coffin trying to decrypt its ancient carvings and rebuking his Nadziranim for not being able to help him.... Rarely had Khatellu been so touchy. Even less rarely had it been so dangerous to be in the same room as the Darklord as when he experimented with the Coffin....

Fun Stuff

Magnamund Crossword Puzzle
Fallen Phrase


Lone Wolf--A Social Problem?
It truly is hard to believe that teachers, supposed luminaries of education and thought, regarded these books with contempt. I was told on more than one occasion that I should be reading "proper" books.... Sound familiar?
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