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Lone Wolf Links

Fan Sites

The Adventures of Lone Wolf. A Lone Wolf information page.
Alex's Site. Contains a very small page about Lone Wolf in the Sci Fi section.
City of Helgedad. An encyclopaedia of evil in Magnamund.
City of Tahou. An Italian-English Lone Wolf site, in gamebook format.
City of Toran. A notable web site, this includes some interesting quotes and a few house rules.
City of Varetta. Mostly the standard deal (maps, links, etc), but quite creative. Don't forget to look at the interview with Joe Dever in the Halls of Learning.
Desert Lynx's Lone Wolf Oasis. Probably the largest Lone Wolf fan-site on the internet.
Fernmost. Includes the famous Giak dictionary.
Garthen Observatory. A French Lone Wolf site. I can barely speak a word of French, so it's hard to summarise it beyond that. :)
The Great Library of Sommerlund. Info, maps, etc.
Grey Wolf and Grey Lord's Lone Wolf Archives.
Joe Dever: main page. A Czech site, I don't know much about it's content since I don't speak Czech.
The Kai Monastery. This was the first real Lone Wolf web-site around. Definitely worth a look.
Kalte. A small site, with two covers, two stories, and two links (to non-Lone Wolf sites).
Kev's Kingdom. The background on this doesn't load, leaving the text hard to read and very few of the links work.
Kinam's Kastle. This has remained unchanged since 1998.
Lake Vorndarol. Information, etc.
Lone Wolf. A LW info page.
Lone Wolf and Magic: the Gathering. Not an extensive page.
Lone Wolf Resource Centre. A small but excellent Lone Wolf site, which includes an interview with JD from 1986.
Lone wolf webring (is this still operating?)
The Lyris Outpost. An abandoned Lone Wolf site.
Ruanon's Keep. A French-English Lone Wolf site.
Secrets of the Kai. Features Magnamund Companion 2.
Tribute to Lone Wolf
Where Eagles Fly. The Lone Wolf ERPG.
Supreme Master Disciplines. A funny parody about the "Super Deluxe Grand Magnakai Disciplines", or Supreme Master Disciplines.
Lobo Solitario en espanol. A spanish Lone Wolf site.


Dorman's Lone Wolf Covers, a selection of Lone Wolf cover art by Dave Dorman.
Endless Quest. A very small page with the US covers of LW1-14 A page with info on Joe Dever's gamebooks.
A small lone wolf site consisting of one article about lone wolf's dead companions and several books for sale.
Lone Wolf (1-10) by Joe Dever. This contains the UK covers of LW1-10.
Lone Wolf action charts. Very useful.
Lone Wolf GM Disciplines
Lone Wolf. LW1 online
Lone Wolf Memorabilia. Pictures of the Lone Wolf figures etc.
Lone Wolf miniatures. This page contains pictures of the Lone Wolf miniatures manufactured by Citadel Miniatures.
Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death. A review of the Lone Wolf Speccy game, the Mirror of Death.
Magnamund Forum Lone Wolf. A page with Lone Wolf action charts in .PDF format.
Project Aon
Gamebooks for sale (?).
A list of books available at
Combat Heroes for sale (?).

Lone Wolf RPGs and RPG conversions

City of Elzian. Homepage of a Lone Wolf RPG.
Just Another Page O' Stuff!. This has some info on Magnamund, and some conversions to BESM, an anime RPG.
Kai Stuff. Contains an incomplete Lone Wolf conversion and one link.
Lone Wolf AD&D conversions.
Where Eagles Fly. The Lone Wolf ERPG.


A "lone Wolf fan list". The fact that only two people have signed this says something for the numbers of people who visit this site.
this contains a merest mention of Joe Dever and a link to the Oasis.
this seems to mention Joe Dever, but I can't tell whether there is any relevant content.

Related links

Demian's Gamebook Web Page. A huge gamebook site, definitely worth visiting.
Mithrandir's Gamebook Grotto has a wonderful collection of gamebook covers, including lots of Lone Wolf covers.
A unique site that includes How-To info about writing your own gamebook, as well as reviews of gamebooks freely available on the web, plus a links section.
Blood: the Reckoning. A Play-By-Mail RPG which uses the basic rules of Lone Wolf.
Encyclopaedia of Orb.
Gamebook egroup survey. A survey of people's favourite gamebooks etc., along with a funny online gamebook intro.
Gary Chalk's personal website. Unfortunately, this site was left to die after the webmaster's plans for a secret society failed. Still, it might be of interest.
the Fighting Fantasy Vault.
A Fighting Fantasy website.
Livres dont vous êtes le Héros. A French gamebook page.
Moloch's Gamebook Garden.
The almost Official Freeway Warrior Site. As far as I know the only page on the web dedicated solely to Freeway Warrior.
Paul Barnett's website.
A Way of the Tiger Website.
Rantasy. This is a rant posted by Ian Johnson to Kaiwisdom. Not technically related but definitely of interest.
The World - The Official John Grant Fan Page
Yaztromo's Fighting Fantasy Site.
A extremely wide ranging French site dealing with many gamebook series.

Medieval Weapons and Chivalry

A resource library on knighthood and chivalry.
A site all about swords and swordsmanship.
Homepage for a medieval weapons discussion group.

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