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Author's Corner


The Author's Corner is a place for the creators of Lone Wolf and the world of Magnamund to contribute their wisdom and insight to the online community. Below you will find links to the most recent articles in this section.

Joe Dever

Interview with Joe Dever   November 24 2001
When Joe Dever first contacted the Lone Wolf online community in 1998, all the fans were thrilled (of course). They quickly gathered some questions and sent them off to the creator of their beloved series. Here's what Joe had to say in return. (Thanks to the Kai Monastery for permission to republish this interview.)

Paul Barnett

Looking Back on The Legends of Lone Wolf   October 22 2001
It seems a very long time ago that I was approached with a view to writing a series of novels to parallel the Lone Wolf gamebooks that Joe Dever had been successfully publishing for some years through a division of the UK publisher Random-Century that was then called Beaver Books. (Whenever I tell friends about this here in the States they tend, for some reason, to get their drinks backed up into their nostrils.) Later it became Red Fox, but essentially it was the same imprint.

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