Rising Sun: Issue 5 August 2000

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Table of Contents

The Weaponry of the Kai
Skarn discusses the weapons in the game books.
The Birthplace: Appendix
The unpublished appendix to The Birthplace. The author discusses a few of the scientific notions he drew on for imagery and ideas in the creation of the fantasy.
Naaros Rising: Chapter 5
Pelador set his hands to the stern and began to push the small craft outwards and into the sea, tears in his eyes. Eventually he had gone out far enough, and the vessel was borne by the waves westwards; towards the place where the Sun went down in brilliant fire…
Tijil's Fang
Time was approaching for Khatellu to put his big plan into action. Mordaks' Coffin was his and his Nadziranim and Wayl had revealed several of its powers to him. He had one of Tijil's Fangs which he needed to operate Mordak's Coffin…
Ruins of the Ancients
Book 2 in the adventures of Dark One.
The Memory of Haakon
Book 3 in the adventures of Dark One.
The Mirror of Death

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