Rising Sun: Issue 5 August 2000

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The Mirror of Death

By Lawrence Ritchie

On the back pages of some of the game books and Legends, you've probably noticed the advertisements for the Lone Wolf games by Audiogenic Software. You've probably wondered what they were like and wished you'd had a chance to play them. Well, you can't buy them any more but get this - you can download the game, "The Mirror of Death", right here for your ZX Spectrum computer! What? You threw it out over a decade ago just like everyone else? Well, don't fret! We've included an emulator (win9x/NT/2000) that let's you play it on your PC!


While Joe Dever had to design the game with the limited computer hardware of the 1980s in mind, he still had to produce a convincing rendition of Lone Wolf that is fun to play. Don't expect 3D graphics and surround sound but instead, like the game books, a step back in time for nostalgia's sake.


If you experience any problems getting the game working, please email me: unforgettably@unforgettable.com

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