Rising Sun: Issue 7 - February 2001

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Last month, at the end of a quiet quarter on Kai-wisdom, we threw the question:

What is your favourite Lone Wolf Game Book?

#2 Fire on the Water3
#3 The Caverns of Kalte2
#4 The Chasm of Doom1
#5 Shadow on the Sand10
#6 The Kingdoms of Terror4
#8 Jungle of Horrors2
#10 The Dungeons of Torgar2
#11 The Prisoners of Time1
#12 The Masters of Darkness4
#13 The Plague Lords of Ruel2
#14 The Captives of Kaag1
#18 Dawn of the Dragons1
#20 The Curse of Naar2
Total number of votes:35

The current favourite is: #5 Shadow on the Sand.

What is it that makes it better than the others? Find out in the next issue of Rising Sun in a special collaborative article, “The Best Gamebook Ever Written!”

If you have have something to say about Shadow on the Sand, then tie it to a Kraan, or just in case it’s burnt up flying over the flames of Helgedad, e-mail us at therisingsun@bigfoot.com

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