Rising Sun: Issue 7 - February 2001

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The Light Bringer
by David M. Rogers III

I remember those days of yore
When I was but a boy of ten plus two;
Then signs so terrible you couldnít ignore
Came out of the night
And into the light;
Now the darkest skies turned blue

True, he was a loner
And a man quite uncouth
But also the bringer of joy and truth.
He brought out the light and rain. . .
Encouraged us all to live again

A disciple of the past,
With him live once more
The secrets of life
That we all do seek
Again and again
And "Once more. . ."
Heís to rise again
Awake from his dream
Unlock freedomís door
In order to grant us all
A peace that will last

Long live the Wolf
May he never fall!

A tribute to the Skarn of legend
-Tobit (Junior Historian to the house of Arakus of Dessi) 

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