Rising Sun: Issue 7 - February 2001

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The Highwayman
also known as One Eye
by David M. Rogers III

From the earth he arose,
A bringer of death and pain -
Not poetry and prose
Just the biggest purse he could gain!

Also a lover as well as a fighter
But never did he lay down beside her!
Able was he to have picked and chose
Among the loveliest of ladies;
But not their beauty did he seek -
But merely the gold of the weak!
Those he found, he’d surely help -
Their coins into his sack he’d ease,
With a grin and an "If you please!"

In the world, few were so bold
As "One-Eye", the bringer of pain -
His lovers were silver and gold
But in the end, what did he gain?
A trip through darkness and pain -
What he’d given he got, one in the same;
A rich reward full of anguish and pain
From both a grateful Country and King

If Darizan’s truth be told,
Again, it was up to the Wolf
To extinguish Naar’s dark flame:
The Falcon of legend and fame.

-Anonymous merchant (grateful that the roads are once again free to travel) 

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